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About Us

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Our Mascot:

Our Motto:
“Strength Through Unity”

Our Mission:
The mission of New Hanover High School is to strive to provide all students with an exemplary education that will prepare them to be college- and/or career-ready high school graduates and socially responsible adults. 

Our Vision:
New Hanover High School will become a place where students are motivated to be in class, on task, every day. 

Our Values:
·         Accountability: to one another for our efforts, actions, and students
·         Consistency: in our instruction, communication, procedures, support, feedback, focus, and follow through
·         Community: to be a place where people actively strive to support one another in everything we do; to find more                                 opportunities to come together as a village
·         Presence: physical and mental; to be in school, in our classrooms and hallways; to be focused and in the moment
·         Rigor: to maintain academic standards and classroom expectations that challenge and engage students, grow                                         professionals, and improve academic success
·         Respect/Trust: for/in one another, our processes, concerns and needs, community and core values
·         Vision: of what our students, staff and school can accomplish, with these values in place